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E. Weinberg Supply & Equipment

State-of-the-art commercial and industrial laundry installations throughout the Upper Mid-West.

Our extensive knowledge of the commercial laundry industry, coupled with many years of experience in developing and constructing industrial laundry facilities, ensures that our clients’ projects go from concept to completion without surprises!

Whether your project is new construction, a renovation, an expansion, or a retooling, E. Weinberg’s laundry consultants will work with you from concept design through equipment start-up to ensure that not only is the construction complete, but that the plant is operational. Over the years, E. Weinberg has developed a design process that meets the project budget and provides value engineering resulting in on-time success.

Unlike other firms that designs all types of industrial buildings, E. Weinberg only designs laundry & dry cleaning facilities. Additionally, we only consider those projects which are a good match for our skilled and experienced team. The E. Weinberg Team includes experienced project managers, mechanical, plumbing and electrical (MP&E) subcontractors, and laundry operators. Consequently, our laundries are designed with component systems that meet the specific needs of the operator, as well as maximize production, minimize floor space, conserve energy and water usage, and deliver overall value. In addition, our experienced team knows how to retool your plant while you continue to operate – saving you valuable downtime.

Consulting & Design Process

This process includes the following phases and steps:


Laundry Needs Assessment: Goals and Objectives, Marketplace Appraisal, Workload Analysis, Operations, Economic, and Timing Requirements.
Site Selection and Impact Fee Analysis
Preliminary Design Development & Equipment Planning
Budgeting and Cash Flow Projection
Estimated Timelines and Project Milestones


Design Process Flow & Layout Plan
Project Specifications
Equipment Layout, Specifications, and Budgets
Final Project Timelines and Scheduling


Final Inspections
Plant Start-up and Fine-tuning
Staff Training Coordination
Punchlist Completion
Contract Closeout


Thousands of installations of laundry equipment since 1972.

E. Weinberg Supply & Equipment has completed thousands of installations of laundry equipment since 1972. Our team is experienced to install your laundry equipment to meet manufacturer’s specifications.

The Scope of Services will vary from equipment delivery to turn-key laundry installation. The services include modifying existing utilities, ex. water, sewer, natural gas, steam, electricity, etc., to final connection hookup. E. Weinberg Supply & Equipment, if needed, will provide all technical information including shop drawings or any technical assistance to your subcontractors to complete the installation.

E. Weinberg Supply & Equipment is a distributor that can complete any sized laundry project ranging from installation of a washer and dryer to complete systems anywhere in the Upper Mid-West.

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