On Premise Laundry

Operating a successful on premise laundry (OPL) takes more than just commercial-grade washers and dryers. It also takes a unique understanding of individual needs, from machine type and sizing to the layout of the laundry facility. When considering a new or upgraded OPL, it is also important to keep energy efficiency and labor needs in sharp focus. Today’s OPL equipment incorporates cutting-edge technology that significantly reduces energy consumption and lowers labor costs.

When providing clean linens to your guests, patients and customers is vital to the operation of your business we are the source for the equipment you need.

OPL Equipment

Vended Laundry

Investing in laundry equipment is an investment in your future. From choosing the right product mix to running your store remotely we represent you every step of the way.

If you are considering opening a new laundry, buying an existing one, or retooling an older location, Weinberg Supply & Equipment is ready to help turn your vision into reality. Our unmatched expertise combined with the top brands of equipment is your best assurance for long-term success.

Turns per day, cost per load and Modified Energy Factor are all factors to consider when opening or re-tooling a laundromat.

When you’re looking for the right equipment for a vended laundry, it’s not just about performance — it’s about profit. E. Weinberg Supply & Equipment is dedicated to helping you build your bottom line with innovative ways to cut operating costs, increase efficiency and create greater customer satisfaction.

Our team of experienced commercial laundry professionals is ready to assist you.  Email or call us at 800-279-0888.

Vended Laundry Equipment

Dry Cleaning

Weinberg Supply & Equipment Provides Quality Dry Cleaning Equipment and World-Class Service!

When you need equipment to maximize your throughput and minimize your labor costs Weinberg is the leading distributor in the upper Mid-west to provide the best solutions.

Weinberg has been building Dry Cleaning Plants and Drop Stores for over 40 years. Our highly experienced sales team can assist you with equipment recommendations and is knowledgeable of the latest environmental regulations and issues that affect dry cleaners. We do expert installations and have one of the most experienced service and parts departments in the industry. Beginning as a button & thread company in 1938 we have built our reputation on honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We can assist you in building a new plant or replacing your existing equipment.

Dry Cleaning Equipment
Pre Owned Laundry Equipment


From time to time we get in pre-owned equipment that still has useful life left in it. We go through each product and repair any issues then put it through a series of tests to determine if it meets our standard to put in a new home.

Pre-Owned Equipment