OPL Washers

We offer industrial and commercial washer-extractors that are designed to be effortless and powerful while maintaining a low cost of ownership. In addition to a low initial investment, our commercial machines have fewer parts. Fewer parts mean fewer things to break, which leads to less down time for the equipment and fewer repairs.

The commercial washers we provide are engineered with the finest components to ensure a long lasting, durable machine. Inverter driven single motor designs offer flexible operation, precise speed control and verified motor protection.

The two largest expense categories attributed to most OPL operations are labor costs and linen replacement costs. For many OPL operators, these expenses can amount to 55% or more of the annual laundry budget. High-speed, large capacity washer-extractors can help reduce these costs. High-speed extraction removes more moisture from each wash load, resulting in shorter dry times. This not only lowers energy consumption; it also helps extend the life of linens. In addition, faster throughput means more laundry can be processed in less time, significantly reducing labor costs.

Features such as fully programmable cycles, intuitive microprocessor controls and automatic chemical injection systems can help laundry workers get in and out of the laundry faster. E. Weinberg has great partnerships with hospitality companies like Graves Hospitality and Blue Sky Hospitality where we’ve delivered commercial laundry equipment to multiple locations. The experts at E. Weinberg Supply & Equipment can assist you in choosing the appropriate washer to meet your OPL needs.

OPL Dryers

To complement our line of superior washer-extractors, we offer the most durable dryers in the industry. A low initial investment is only the beginning of your savings. All dryers are manufactured with fewer parts which means fewer break downs, less downtime and less maintenance. Easy installation saves you money and time, allowing you to have your laundry up and running in a matter of hours.

Energy saving, fully enclosed, insulated cabinet leads to much quieter operation as well as keeping the heat in the dryer where it belongs. High airflow rates and high BTU burners dry the goods quickly for increased productivity in the laundry.

Todays dryers have available features to not only reduce your fuel consumption but reduce your linen replacement cost by not over-drying the linens. Having the ability to program your dryer to stop heating when the linens are dry can save you a significant amount of money. Studies show that linens are overdried by an average of 8 minutes per load when using a timed dryer. That 8 minutes of fuel cost and wear on linens adds up to a large expense over the course of a year. Ask us how we can update your equipment to reduce your expenses starting today.

OPL Finishing Equipment

Finishing equipment for your laundry operation can increase the quality of the linens you provide to your customers or guests. Finishing equipment that adds automation to your operation can also save labor costs and increase your profit.

Ironers take damp goods from the washer and dry them while pressing to a crisp finish. This is important in high-end hotels for their sheets as well as restaurants that use table linens and want to provide a professional presentation. Ironers can be fitted with feeders and folders that further reduce the labor cost needed to process linens.

Linen processors who have a high volume of smaller goods like towels can benefit from a folder that folds towels quicker and more precisely than being folded by hand. A small piece folder can reduce labor costs and speed up production in your facility.

OPL Ancillary Equipment

With your On Premise Laundry there are many other items needed to efficiently run your facility. Hot water systems and even boilers can be used to ensure proper wash temperatures throughout the wash process. Carts are needed to move goods to the washers, to the dryers, to folding & finishing and to their final destination. External lint filtration is important when your dryers vent into a public area or near air intakes or HVAC equipment. We can also provide any chemicals or supplies needed to help your facility to produce hygienically clean linens.

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